First hatchings!

Within the breeding of the Dynastes hercules hybrids, D. h. septentrionalis and D. h. occidentalis, my first adult beetles hatched!

Dhhybr 115+ mm.jpg












A very nice male hybrid of 115+ mm!

DHS 124 mm.jpg










A nice D. h. septentrionalis of 124 mm. Unfortunately, the elytra did not form completely (I wonder why that happened).

DHS 124 mm 2.jpg













DHS 124 mm 3.jpg











Further, a very big D. h. occidentalis pupated. The pupa is more than 150 mm long!!! Final weight of the larva: 92 g.

DHO 150+ mm.jpg











Again, the same 150+ mm male pupa DHO (under) together with another hybrid male pupa of 142 mm (above)!

DHO 150+ + DHhybr 142.jpg

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