Pupation of the 110 g. DHS monster + new hatchings

Finally the DHS heavy male (110 g.) pupated: it became a 157 mm long pupa, not so big as I expected, but the body is very large and the horn is relatively small.

DHS BIG 110 g. 157 mm.jpg













DHS BIG 110 g. 157 mm 2.jpg











Another hybrid male hatched (L3 weight 87 g., pupal length 141 mm, adult length 121 mm):

DHhybr 87 g. 121 mm.jpg











DHhybr 87 g. 121 mm 2.jpg











DHhybr 87 g. 121 mm 3.jpg













It has very straight horns!

DHhybr 87 g. 121 mm 4.jpg












DHhybr 87 g. 121 mm 5.jpg










This is a picture of a couple Dynastes hercules lichyi (breeding couple, unfortunately not large):

DHL fem.jpg













DHL male.jpg









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