Photo gallery Dynastes hercules hybrid adults + DHS comparison!


Male nr. 1

Dhhybr 115+ mm colours.jpg












Male nr. 2

DHhybr 115+ mm 2nd male colours.jpg













DHhybr 115+ mm 2nd male colours 2.jpg













The hatched trio in line

DHhybr trio out.jpg













DHhybr trio out 2.jpg

















DHhybr trio out 3.jpg















DHhybr trio out 4.jpg

















DHhybr trio out 5.jpg












Finally, a stunning comparison between father and son (70 mm against 120+ mm)! Out of small parents you can still obtain big adults!

DHS father son.jpg













DHS father son 2.jpg















DHS father son 3.jpg

















DHS father son 4.jpg

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