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A lot of very nice pupations and hatchings happened during this winter period!

Dynastes hercules occidentalis male of 137 mm out of the pupa of 150 mm! Very big for this subspecies!

DHO 137 mm!.jpg











DHO 137 mm! 2.jpg










DHO 137 mm! 3.jpg











Dynastes hercules septentrionalis big pupa of 155+ mm (last recorded weight L3 exactly 100 g.!).

DHS 155 mm.jpg










DHS 155 mm 2.jpg










D. h. septentrionalis male hatched! 123 mm in size (last weight L3 88 g., pupa 145 mm):

DHS 123 mm.jpg









D. h. hybrid giant pupa of 160 mm (very strong horn!), final weight L3 101 g.!

DHhybr 160 mm.jpg











DHhybr 160 mm 2.jpg











D. h. lichyi small male hatched! Cute Knipogen

DHL man.jpg


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