D. h. hybrid and D. h. occidentalis news!

Just a few days ago, an extraordinary hybrid hercules hatched from it's 157 mm pupal cell. It is 138 mm long and has very nice horns!!!

DHhybr hatch!.jpg









DHhybr hatch! 2.jpg









DHhybr hatch! 3.jpg









DHhybr hatch! 4.jpg









DHhybr 138 mm!.jpg










DHhybr 138 mm! 2.jpg










DHhybr 138 mm! 3.jpg










DHhybr 138 mm! 4.jpg











Checking the DHO male of 137 mm male revealed its true colours (at least almost completely):

DHO 137 mm! 4.jpg










DHO 137 mm! 5.jpg












DHO 137 mm! 6.jpg

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