Mecynorrhina ugandensis Chapter 1

This weekend, some really nice first Mecynorrhina ugandensis adults hatched from their pupal cells!

A very big red male hatched, measuring a stunning 72 mm! It is quite difficult to get this size (70+ mm)!

Mu 72 mm 1.jpg












Mu 72 mm 2.jpg












Mu 72 mm 3.jpg












Mu 72 mm 4.jpg














Secondly, a very nice female also hatched. It is green and measures 57 mm (also big!), but from the same breeding lineage. Nice colous variations exist among Mecynorrhina ugandensis!

Mu 57 mm 1.jpg













Mu 57 mm 2.jpg














Mu 57 mm 3.jpg












The couple again! More M. ugandensis will hatch in the coming weeks, also completely blue ones!

Mu Couple 72-57 mm 1.jpg















Mu 72-57 mm 2.jpg

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