D. h. hybrid giant pupa

Finally the 117 g. heavy larva of Dynastes hercules hybrid lineage pupated! It has become a 165+ mm long pupa (this one should pass the 140 mm as adult):

DHhybr 117 g. prepupa 1.jpg












DHhybr 117 g. prepupa 3.jpg












DHhybr. 165+ mm pupa.jpg












DHhybr. 165+ mm pupa 2.jpg












DHhybr 117 g. pupa 165 mm.jpg













Some more pictures of previously hatched males:

D. h. occidentalis 129 mm male with beautiful colours (notice the golden spot on the thoracical area ("oxy-spot") only appearing in this subspecies and relatively rare!).

DHO 129 mm 5.jpg









DHO 129 mm 6.jpg









DHO 129 mm 7.jpg










More will follow!

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