Dynastes hercules hercules breeding 1

This breeding report concerns Dynastes hercules hercules. From a previous successful breed, I have now around 30 L3 larvae, generation F2 from a parental mixed breeding of Dominica (the male) and Guadeloupe (the female).

The first generation had been additionally fed with dried dog food, but the male larvae only reached 60-70 g. and a lot of them died. So in my case, dried dog food was not a good option.

Luckily, some of these F1 beetles survived and I could breed with 1 female, which gave me around 60 larvae (some of them have been sold).

I feed these larvae with a mixed oak-beech wood substrate (together with humus from the same trees) and they grow very well now. Pictured are the weight gain (g) of the larvae per time course. More news will follow!

Dhh weight Dhh table 1.jpg

















Dhh weight graph 1.jpg














Dhh L3 weight 20032011.jpg

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