Collection and Beetle Breeding Station

These are some pictures of my beetle breeding station:

BB studio.jpg

















The wood container:

BB studio 2.jpg

















I use high quality oak and beech leaf substrate (leafhumus):















A log in the substrate, ideal for feeding large L3 larvae of Dynasttid species (you can see the hyphae of a white fungus on the log):

Wood log.jpg














I mainly use shredded lightbrown decomposed wood of oak (with a percentage of beech); it is the main food source for larvae of different rhinoceros beetles species:

Wood flakes.jpg














A box with a good size L3 larva in it:

BB studio 3.jpg

















Some boxes with adult beetles (in diapause) in them. When active, they will be transferred to big breeding containers of around 20 to 70 L.!

BB studio 4.jpg














A part of my collection of dried beetles:














Some dried flower beetles (Fam. Cetonidae):

Collection 2.jpg

















Some Dynastes hercules lichyi specimens (the biggest is 155 mm!):

Collection 3.jpg













Some nice Megasoma actaeon actaeon (biggest 121 mm, huge female of 86 mm!), M. mars of 117 mm, M. elephas elephas and the rather rare M. janus ramirezorum as well as M. pachecoi!

Collection 4.jpg














A rather rare species to be guessed by fellow forum members:

Rara 1.jpg









Rara 2.jpg

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