Mecynorrhina ugandensis Chapter 3: more blue forms out!

Cheers! Some more blue Mecynorrhina ugandensis hatched successfully. We now kept them into a clean box with a layer of slightly moist substrate (new substrate!) and the pupal cells with an opening (about 2 cm in diameter) covered with a leaf. The box itself is covered by a plastic lid and two holes have been drilled on the sides of the box to provide slight ventilation.

MU Box 1.jpg













MU Box 2.jpg














The males in the pictures are around 60 - 65 mm. Exact measurements will be conducted as soon as their horns completely stretch out! The female on the pictures is actually black, not blue!

MU duo blue.jpg













MU duo blue 2.jpg

















MU duo blue 3.jpg













MU duo blue 4.jpg












Mu male 2 blue 1.jpg

















MU male blue 1.jpg












MU male blue 2.jpg

















MU male blue 3.jpg












MU trio blue black.jpg











MU fem black 1.jpg














MU fem black 2.jpg















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