Dynastes hercules hybrid giants!

Finally, true giants from my Dynastes hercules hybrid (lichyi X septentrionalis) breeding line emerged.

First, a big 138 mm long male with unusually thick horns! It came out of the 160 mm long pupa (last recorded weight L3 101 g.):

Dhhybr 138 mm 1.jpg













Dhhybr 138 mm 2.jpg











Dhhybr 138 mm 3.jpg










Dhhybr 138 mm 4.jpg









Another very big male emerged (last recorded weight L3 117 g., pupal length 165 mm). Finally, I reached the 140 mm bar! It is exactly 140 mm long!

DHhybr 140 mm 1.jpg











DHhybr 140 mm 3.jpg

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