Dynastes hercules lichyi breeding 1

This breeding overview concerns the subspecies D. h. lichyi.

I have 2 different lines in breed from this subspecies, one of my own and one of a fellow breeder. My own breeding line is generation F2, the other I don't know (might already be F4).

Featured are the male larvae. The 3 heaviest larvae are from the unknown breeding line and older of age (L3 since end of february 2010) and are now reaching their maximum weights. The rest of the larvae are of my own breeding line and are much younger (L3 since mid november 2010). Still some larvae have already reached weights of 80-90 g.

Dhl weight evolution graph.jpg












A photo of the heaviest larva (ex ovo), 112 g and possibly at its maximum:

Dhl 113 g. 20032011.jpg
















I hope this one will become a 140+ mm adult male! A second larva now weighs 107 g, also aiming at 140+ mm!

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