Dynastes hercules hercules breeding 3

An update of my D. h. hercules breeding. 8 male larvae have now achieved the 100 g bar! The biggest is still hanging around 106 g, so still no exceptional weights over 110 g. Hopefully this can still happen, but I am already very satisfied! :) A few male larvae have started pupation, one of which weighed 95 g but still not sure whether it is pupating or not.

Most of the females are pupating, weighing around 60-70 g, which are very good weights!

Dhh weight Dhh table 2.jpg












Dhh weight graph 2.jpg














Three females hatched. They measure between 65 and 70 mm; the biggest female (last weight 71 g) still has to appear!

Dhh fem 67 mm.jpg













Dhh fem 69 mm.jpg














Dhh fem 69 mm 4.jpg

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