Dynastes hercules hercules breeding 5

It’s been some time since the last breeding report of Dynastes hercules hercules, but now the bigger males started their pupation stage!

Some serial pictures of the current pupae (some larger males are still in prepupa):

Dhh pupae series 1.jpg













Dhh pupae series 2.jpg













Dhh + Dhl pupae.jpg

















In this last picture are the larger Dhh pupae + in the middle is a fresh Dynastes hercules lichyi pupa (this one was expected to become bigger since its final L3 weight of 116 g; first measurements indicate at least 160+ mm).

Dhh 147 mm pupa.jpg














Dhh male pupa of 145+ mm (last recorded weight L3 95 g)


Dhh 150+ mm pupa.jpg












Dhh 150+ mm pupa 2.jpg













Dhh male pupa of 150+ mm (last recorded weight L3 100 g)



Dhh 150 mm pupa.jpg













Dhh male pupa of exactly 150 mm (last recorded weight L3 105 g)

More to come!

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