Dynastes neptunus rouchei breeding 1

Dynastes neptunus rouchei is a very rare species in breed. Most breeders have D. n. neptunus, some just call it Dynastes neptunus (there is a lot of discussion concerning the two subspecies within this species).

D. n. rouchei is characterized by the absence of denticles on the cephalic horn (there is only one big denticle in the middle), whereas D. n. neptunus has small denticles from the big denticle onwards to the tip of the cephalical horn.

I had the chance to obtain some L3 larvae F2 generation 3 years ago from which I obtained several big adult females (approx. 68-70 mm) and 2 medium sized males (100-110 mm). From these adults I obtained quite some larvae, of which I will present here the growth data (+ photos). Currently, the bred larvae are already L3 since mid of March 2011 and most of the males now weigh around 75 - 85 g, females around 55 g.. This is the F3 generation. I hope to eventually reach 90-100 g for the males (more is always welcome!).

DNR table 1.jpg












DNR Graph 1.jpg

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