Dynastes hercules occidentalis breeding F1

This breeding report is a new attempt to get very big Dynastes hercules occidentalis males! This time, two different breeding lines have been crossed with each other in order to obtain F1 larvae!

Again, these larvae have been reared in finely shredded decomposing oak wood / oak-beech wood leaf substrate. Current weights of the male larvae are already very promissing with a minimum of 93 g and a maximum of a whopping 101 g!

However, 2 of the 7 male and all of the female larvae have already pupated and hatched. In fact, the 2 male L3 larvae were reared together, probably causing insufficient growth and thus minor pupation; female L3 weighed between 50 and 57 g with adult lengths of 62 mm up to 66 mm.

Here's a schematic look of the growth of the male larvae:

Dho 2 F1 Linde table.jpg







Dho 2 F1 Linde.jpg













The heaviest male (sorry for the bad quality of the picture!); I hope the remaining males grow even bigger! On the other hand, personal records have already been broken since the max. weight in the last breeding of this subspecies was set to 91 g for an adult male of 137 mm! Chances of breaking the 140 mm are real this time!

Dho 101 g F1.jpg

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