Chalcosoma caucasus breeding report 1

This breeding report concerns the species Chalcosoma caucasus (chiron). An adult F1 female (different breeding) was fertilized by an F1 male (own breed of 93 mm) at the end of January 2011.

CC Mate.jpg





















The breeding is thus F1-generation! We now have in total 10 big larvae, 5 males and 5 females. These have been reared in separated 5 L containers with naturally decayed wood flakes (mainly oak) at the bottom and covered with a smaller layer of leaf substrate (oak and beech). The females have already made their pupal cells (not pupated yet) with max. weights of 40-60 g, the males however continue to grow and currently have very nice weights (75-95 g)! It seems that feeding with only naturally decayed wood flakes is good enough to produce large individuals (no supplements were added to the substrate).


This is a table and graph overview of the growth of the male larvae:


CC weight table.jpg


















CC weight graph.jpg
























A picture of the heaviest larva (destined to becoming a major) at 94 g currently!!!


CC 94 g!.jpg






























A second heavy male larva at 84 g!


CC 84 g!.jpg


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