Dynastes hercules morishimai breeding 1

This breeding report involves the Dynastes hercules subspecies morishimai.

In November 2009, I purchased 8 L3 larvae (F1 generation) of this subspecies. I bred them separately in oakwood and oak/beech leafsubstrate (60%-40%) to obtain some adult beetles in 2010. The results of this breeding were not too satisfactory, as both male and female larvae pupated at a relatively low weight (females 45-50 g, males 60-75 g). This was probably due to the purchase of the larvae at the late L3 stage (larvae were probably not well fed at earlier stages). However, the two biggest male larvae of 71 g and 73 g already gave nice adults of respectively 107 mm and 119 mm long.

107 mm:

Dhm 107 mm 1.jpg














Dhm 107 mm 2.jpg















119 mm:

Dhm 119 mm 3.jpg











Dhm 119 mm.jpg














For these males, I acquired females of another breeding line to mate with and around the beginning of 2011 I obtained a new F1 generation of D. h. morishimai larvae. Again, these larvae have been reared separately (with the same type of substrate) and are now nicely progressed L3 larvae. One male already reached 102 g! An overview of the growth:

Dhm table 1.jpg













Dhm graph 1.jpg














More to come!

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