Some more Dynastes hercules ssp. results

Here are some more pictures of the recent breeding results. Enjoy!

Beautiful Dynastes hercules hybrid (lichyi X septentrionalis) male, 128 mm, L3 final weight 85 g:

Dhhybr 128 mm.jpg














Dhhybr 128 mm 2.jpg














Very big Dynastes hercules lichyi male, 142 mm, L3 final weight 116 g:

Dhl 142 new.jpg












D. h. lichyi male, 118 mm, L3 final weight 79 g:

Dhl 118 mm 2.jpg











Impressive Dynastes hercules hercules male, 141 mm, L3 final weight 106 g:

Dhh 141 mm.jpg












Beautiful D. h. hercules male, 133 mm, L3 final weight 100 g:

Dhh 133 mm other.jpg















Very nice D. h. hercules male, 134 mm, L3 final weight 103 g:

Dhh 134 mm 1.jpg












And finally a special comparison between a normal male (134 mm) against a very strangely deformed male (very nice curving horn, it happened even though the pupal chamber was completely straight!).

Dhh gynandro 1.jpg






















The claws from the deformed male are also clearly shorter:

Dhh gynandro 2.jpg

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