A bit of our collection

These are some photos of our collection of dried beetles. More will come as soon as more beetles are arranged!


Dynastes hercules hybrid specimens (lichyi X septentrionalis) top left (biggest 138 mm), D. h. septentrionalis bottom right and D. h. hercules bottom left:

Dynastes hercules ssp..JPG














Extraordinary D. h. hercules 153 mm male, blue type (Japanese breed):

Dhh blue 153 mm.JPG










D. h. septentrionalis duo, 130 mm and 134 mm, own breed!

Dhs 130 and 134 mm.JPG












Megasoma actaeon (biggest 121 mm) and M. pachecoi box:

Megasoma 1.JPG














M. elephas (biggest 125 mm), M. occidentalis (117 mm), M. mars (biggest 117 mm) and M. janus ramirezorum (biggest 105 mm) box:

Megasoma 2.JPG















Mecynorhina box:















Nice Mecynorhina torquata immaculicollis (both 80 mm):

Mti 80 mm.JPG














Rare M. t. poggei (80 mm and 77 mm rufino type):

Mtp 80 - 77 mm.JPG














Nice own breed M. ugandensis red type (73 mm) and blue trio (first left Japanese bred, two right own breed):

Mu wild 72 mm.JPG














Mu blue 70 - 64 - 64 mm.JPG












Mix of collected Lucanidae (including a very rare Hexarthrius forsteri forsteri of 76 mm!):








































Dynastes hercules lichyi couple (122 mm - 65 mm)

Dhl 122 mm 65 mm 2.jpg








































Dhl 122 mm 65 mm.jpg






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