Mecynorhina ugandensis breeding 3

This year, the breeding of Mecynorhina ugandensis has had a very good start!

Last year, the biggest M. ugandensis was a red type male of a nice 72 mm.

Mu 72 mm 3.jpg












Mu 72 mm 4.jpg














This year, the breeding results are more promissing! Currently, we have a dozen of pupae (different breeding lines: blue and blue X wild green/red type) of which some reached remarkable weights as L3 larvae.

Bucket Mu with weights.jpg














The biggest pupal chambers have a length of around 75-85 mm (completely scraped off to their inner structure):

Blue M. ugandensis of 39 g

Mu blue 39 g 77 mm.JPG














Blue M. ugandensis of 52 g (the heaviest we have):

Mu blue 52 g 84 mm.JPG














Maybe we can reach 75+ mm lengths!



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