Very rare Dynastes hercules ssp.: bleuzeni and paschoali!

It's been a while since I've posted some beetle breeding news.

At the end 2010, I acquired some very rare Dynastes hercules subspecies: bleuzeni (from Venezuela) and paschoali (from Brazil).

The D. h. paschoali arrived in very early L1 stadium from Taiwan (F2-generation). The D. h. bleuzeni larvae were already mid-L2 (F3 generation). Both subspecies were fed during their larval cycle with naturally decayed wood from oak together with a layer of naturally decayed oak/beech leaf substrate (leaf humus).

About one year and a half later (from November-December 2010 til March 2012), both subspecies are growing surprisingly well. From each subspecies, I have 5 males and 5 females (very nice ratio!).

These are the weight evolution of the males:


Dynastes hercules bleuzeni

Dhb table 1.jpg






Dhb graph 1.jpg














Dynastes hercules paschoali

Dhp table 1.jpg







Dhp graph 1.jpg













The females of both breeding lines are now at weight between 59 and 67 g, all good and promissing weights for 65-70+ mm adults. I hope I can reach 130+ mm for the adult males of both subspecies.

More news to come!

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