Dynastes hercules occidentalis breeding F1

Here are the first pupae (and prepupa) of the Dynastes hercules occidentalis F1 breeding:

From left to right: 150 mm, 149 mm, ???, resp. max. weights 107 g, 103 g and 96 g

Dho 107g - 103 g - 96 g.jpg














Pupa of 150+ mm, 107 g final L3 weight

Dho pupa 107 g 150+ mm.jpg











Pupa of 150+ mm, 103 g final L3 weight

Dho pupa 103 g.jpg












Some days later, the prepupa of 96 g final weight pupated, only 143 mm long! This one has a short but thick thoracical horn!

Dho pupa 96 g.jpg












Finally, another L3 of 97 g final weight pupated; 149 mm length:

Dho pupa 97 g.jpg












All together:

Dho army pupae.jpg






















A 5th and last larva (final weight another 96 g) had a malformation during pupation (some haemolymph was leaking), but still lives; who knows, it might survive and still hatch!

Fingers crossed!

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