Dynastes hercules morishimai breeding 2

The first pupae were found for this subspecies! Larval cycle was around 1 year and a half (18 months)!

A trio of 2 females (80+ mm long) and 1 nice big male (140 mm long):

Dhm trio.jpg













Funnily, this male L3 only weighed max. 82 g and for the moment I have 3 huge larvae of 94 g, 98 g and 106 g in breed! Who knows, European record sizes might be reached!

Another picture of the 140 mm long male pupa, it has a very thick and strong horn!

Dho pupa 140 mm.jpg











A current overview:

Dhm table 2.jpg










Where the measurements stopped, pupation was initiated!

Dhm graph 2.jpg

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