Chalcosoma caucasus breeding report 2 - hatchings!

Here are the first two hatched males of the Chalcosoma caucasus breeding. Noteworthy for this species is the very long prepupal stage (at least more than 2 months; strangely, the larvae do not seem to lose that much weight during this phase).

CC 95 mm 1.jpg






















CC 95 mm 2.jpg















Male 1 is around 95 mm big (for a wieght of 80 g).


CC 100 mm 2.jpg

















CC 100 mm 3.jpg



















CC 100 mm 1.jpg

















CC 100 mm 1.jpg















CC 100 mm 2.jpg
















Male 2 however is a very nice 100 mm big (for a larval weight of 91 g). Not too bad as breeding results!!!


CC 88 mm 1.jpg















CC 88 mm 2.jpg















Male 3 just hatched very recently. With 88 mm and a very similar form, he might be considered as the twin brother of Male 1.

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