Dynastes neptunus rouchei breeding 3

Here are some pictures of the first male pupae of Dynastes neptunus rouchei! Many larvae had black spots, but strangely enough these continued growing (did they become somehow resistent to the disease?!) and pupated.

I reared them mostly at a temperature of 20-22°C which was ok, but occasionally the temperature rose up to 26°C (for only a few days!); I think the larvae should be kept at all times at around 20-22°C, but never higher than 23-24°C for a longer period! Although I was lucky to obtain heavy larvae and major pupae in around 2 years, I would definitely advise caution in breeding this species and always maintain 20-22°C (in summer during hot days, use the cellar to keep the rearing boxes)!

Most of the pupae I have developped nice straight thoracical horns, but some of them have very curling cephalic horns. I have no clue why that is; normally the cephalic horns should be more straight...


DNR 109 g 1.jpg










DNR 109 g 2.jpg









Male nr.1: max L3 weight 109 g, 160+ mm pupal length


DNR 94 g 1.jpg









DNR 94 g 2.jpg












Male nr.2: max L3 weight 94 g, 160+ mm pupal length; this has a relatively nice formation of the cephalic horn as well!


DNR apart bucket.jpg










DNR apart bucket 2.jpg













Male nr.3: no info available yet. Bad formation of the cephalic horn!


DNR apart.jpg










Male nr.4


DNR together flat.jpg










Male nr.5


DNR black spot prepupa.jpg


















Prepupa with black spots (not all larvae had these spots, but the ones who did also kept growing!). 

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