Very rare Dynastes hercules ssp: bleuzeni and paschoali! 2

A new update about my breeding with both very rare subspecies of Dynastes hercules!

Dynastes hercules paschoali: A very nice 130 mm male hatched from the 150 mm pupa (max. L3 weight 103 g):

Dhp 130 mm 103 g.jpg
















I am very satisfied with this result and I hope to be able to continue my breeding with this subspecies (I have 3 females in breed). 3 more males have to hatch and there is still a male that could be bigger (an L3 larva of max. 111 g).


Dynastes hercules bleuzeni: I found some very nice pupae (most of them have a chance of becoming 130+ mm with even one possibility of getting a 135+ mm male)!


DHB artificial pupal chambers.jpg



















Dhb 90 g 148 mm 70 g 85+ mm resized.jpg


















Male and female pupae of 148 mm (max. weight 90 g) and 89 mm (max. weight 70 g) long resp..

Dhb 90 g 148 mm resized.jpg











Again the 148 mm long male pupa (max. L3 weight 90 g)


Dhb 97 g 151 mm resized.jpg











Nice big 151 mm long male pupa (max. L3 weight 97 g)


Dhb 101 g 153 mm resized.jpg












Very nice and strong 153 mm male pupa (max. L3 weight 101 g)


Dhb 102 g 158 mm 2 resized.jpg











Amazing giant 158 mm long male pupa (max. L3 weight 102 g): maybe this will become a 135+ mm male!

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