Very rare Dynastes hercules ssp: bleuzeni and paschoali! 3

The D. h. bleuzeni males have hatched by now and I reached a near record breeding size! 142 mm!!!

Male 142 mm:

Dhb 142 mm 1.jpg

















Dhb 142 mm 2.jpg












Another male of 138 mm with very nice horns:

Dhb 138 mm 1.jpg











Dhb 138 mm 2.jpg














Male of 135 mm:

Dhb 135 mm 1.jpg












Male of 131 mm:

Dhb 131 mm 1.jpg












Strong male of 136 mm:

Dhb 136 mm 2.jpg












Dhb 136 mm 3.jpg













Dhb 136 mm 1.jpg


















Dynastes hercules paschoali: unfortunately, two males have died during prepupal stage (the one of 97 g max. weight died while pupating... The one of 111 g died in prepupal stage...):

Dhp 97 g death.jpg









Still, here are some photos of the other males:

Male of 130 mm:

Dhp 130 mm 1.jpg















Dhp 130 mm 2.jpg












Newly hatched male of 120 mm (max. L3 weight 106 g):

Dhp 120 mm 1.jpg












Dhp 120 mm 2.jpg















All in all not too bad results, and the good news is that I have a lot of larvae from the breeding, so I can have another try! To be continued!

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