Mecynorhina torquata ugandensis 5

Here are some of my latest results in the breeding of the ever beautiful african Cetonid species Mecynorhina torquata ugandensis.

In 2011, I cross-breeded my blue line with a wild-type line and these were the results:

Mu trio 2012.jpg













Mu duo 2012.jpg














All of my adult beetles had the same pattern, showing blue/green on the thoracic area and orange-brown elytrae with a hint of pink.

These are beetles of the present F2 generation (2013):

Mu wXb 2013 2.jpg

















Mu wXb 2013 3.jpg



















Mu wXb 2013 4.jpg
















Mu wXb 2013 7.jpg





















Mu wXb 2013 5.jpg



















Sometimes there are exceptions giving other colour patterns!

Mu wXb 2013.jpg
















Mu wXb 2013 6.jpg





















More will follow (many more pupae are hatching)!

Update: here are more hatched beetles (beautiful patterns and colours):

Mu 76 mm 1.jpg






























Mu 76 mm 2.jpg






























This is a very big male of 76 mm; unfortunately the elytrae did not close 100%, but the result is still very satisfying!

Mu choc 1.jpg






































Mu fleury 55 mm.jpg































Mu fleury green 2.jpg
































Mu fleury green 3.jpg


























Mu fleury green 4.jpg


























Mu fleury green 5.jpg





























Mu fleury green.jpg

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