Dynastes hercules hercules Pchan line pupa

Finally, my single male larva of the Japanese Pchan breeding line ("Pchan124") has pupated into a very nice 153 mm long pupa (thoracical horn length is estimated at around 87 mm). It is the only larva that started growing very fast after a slow start. I received 6 L1 larvae around 1,5 years ago, but most of these had trouble adapting to the natural substrate I use for my larvae. However this single male lingered at 65-70 g for over 6 months and suddenly skyrocketed up to 99 g before pupation started. Although the max. weight is not that fantastic, the pupa has become very large and, as promised by the selected breeding line, shows very long and large horns.

Good thing: I have one female Dhh pupa of my own breeding line, so there is definitely a chance of getting nice fresh L1 larvae out of this couple (for a new healthy F1 generation including the Pchan genetic traits!).

Dhh Pchan 99 g 153 mm.jpg



















UPDATE 01/07/2013: unfortunately, the Pchan male died just at the end of the pupal stage (one leg was already out, but the rest never followed). However, I have a new male of D. hercules hercules of my own line in pupa + some female pupae of another Japanese breeding line, so I hope to be able to cross these!

Dhh F3 140 mm 98 g.jpg

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