Dynastes hercules morishimai breeding 2013-2014: a new start!

Last year I had a very successful breeding with this Dynastes herucles ssp.. Most of the larvae became major males and I could find some extra female individuals from other breeding lines in order to get again nice F1 larvae for the next breeding generation (2013-2014).

DHM super breeding 2012 resized.jpg


















Dhm definitive graph 2012.jpg






























DHM 2012 Table Final.jpg















I have now around 15 male L3 larvae in breed (hatched from the egg around December-January 2013) and they are growing at a fast pace!

DHM L3 74 g 01072013.jpg
























DHM L3 76 g 01072013.jpg






















Here's a table + graph overview of most of the male larvae:

DHM 2013 table 1.jpg























DHM 2013 graph 1.jpg

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