Oryctes nasicornis grypus breeding 2013 3

Some more news from this particularly long breeding.

The big female in pupa has hatched and measures a whopping 44 mm!!! This is already over the described 28-40 mm in many books (the grypus variant of O. nasicornis is clearly very big).

On female out 2.jpg



























On female out.jpg






























On female out 4 44 mm.jpg


































On female out 3 44 mm.jpg








































Moreover, I have found some more very big pupae of which two females (measuring again 55 mm and 56 mm) and one giant male of 64 mm pupal length. This might probably result in a 45-50 mm male, very uncommon for this species!

On pupae.jpg





























On male.jpg




























On female.jpg

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