Dynastes hercules morishimai, Megasoma actaeon (Fr. Guyana), some nice Eudicella sp....

Some more pictures from my recent breedings and arrivals.


Megasoma actaeon actaeon from French Guyana, WF1 (Kaw Mountain), bred since January 2011 (L1 stage)

Male of 100 mm (max. L3 weight 132 g):

Ma 132 g 113 mm.jpg

Ma 100 mm.jpg

Ma 100 mm 2.jpg


Female of 77 mm (very large, max. L3 weight 94 g):

Ma 77 mm.jpg


Dynastes hercules morishimai, the last males from this breeding generation, 128 mm, max. L3 weight 98 g:

DHM 128 mm.jpg


131 mm, max. L3 weight 97 g! Unfortunately with slightly bent tip of the thoracic horn:

DHM 131 mm 1.jpg

DHM 131 mm 2.jpg


121 mm, max. L3 weight 87 g:

DHM 121 mm 1.jpg

DHM 121 mm 2.jpg


Still, one other male larva is still L3 (almost a 2-year cycle now) and weighing again 98 g, so I am hoping for a second beautiful and massive male...


Some nice newly acquired Eudicella sp. that I am going to start breeding:

Eudicella pauperata (from RDC-Congo):

Eudicella pauperata 1.jpg


Eudicella morgani camerounensis (Cameroon):

Eudicella morgani 1.jpg


Eudicella aethiopica (Ethiopia):

Eudicella aethiopica 1.jpg


Eudicella trilineata interruptefasciata (Tanzania):

Eudicella trilineata interruptefasciata 1.jpg


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