Mecynorhina (Chelorrhina) polyphemus confluens

Hi to all, I'm finally back after a period of silence.

Some months ago, around summer 2014, I decided to retry some of the more "classic" species to breed. I acquired a nice adult pair of Mecynorhina polyphemus confluens (WF2, 07/2014). This pair gave me around 20 larvae of which I kept some for further breeding.

I provided these with good quality beech/oak substrate, a smaller part decomposing wood and from early L3 stage on, every two weeks, I added 2 dried dog food pellets of a brand that breeders from the UK suggested me to use: Baker's Complete Meaty Meals puppy version (I suppose these contained less preservatives).

I have never been too enthusiastic for additives (especially not for Dynastidae), but I wanted to give it a shot, especially for a cannibalistic species such as M. p. confluens. I was utterly impressed...

Only after around 4 months since the hatching of the larvae from the eggs, most of the larvae already weighed around 25-30 g (I kept them separated in 2 L. containers form early L3 stage on; L3 larvae become extremely cannibalistic, especially when there are still L1 or L2 larvae present amongst the L3 larvae in the same box). Since the end of December/beginning of January (first eggs hatched around mid-August), I currently already have pupating larvae with weights of around 25-35 g for females (one female L3 weighed 34 g!) and 30-40 g for males. 3 male larvae currently weigh 35 g, 36 g and 39 g!!!

Next to most of the female larvae pupating, already one male larva has also started pupation; on the box it says "turned to L3 10/09", meaning that after only around 4 months L3 this male larva of 32 g already started pupating. An average complete cycle was only around 5 months, while normally this species' larval cycle comprises at least 8 up to even 12 months!

Here are some pics of the 2 heaviest male larvae (still L3, hoping that they grow even bigger and the 40 g would be broken, good for possibly a 70+ mm male):

MPC 39 g!!!.jpg

MPC 39 g!!! 3.jpg

MPC 39 g!!! 2.jpg

MPC 36 g!.jpg

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