Mecynorhina (Chelorrhina) polyphemus confluens Chapter 2

It’s been quite a while again since my last writing, but here are some new results of my Mecynorhina polyphemus confluens breeding:

Most of the larvae pupated around mid-January, meaning their whole larval cycle only took 6 months approx. (I received the parental adults in July 2014). I’ve never experienced this before for beetles of this size (I am confident to say that M. p. confluens is amongst one of those species that produces large sized beetles within a very fast larval cycle)!

Amongst the larvae that I had, 3 exceptional males already hatched, measuring resp. 68-69-70 mm in length exactly (max. L3 weights 35 g, 37 g and 40 g)! I would have loved to break the 70+ mm, but I still have 1 male that just pupated (max. weight recorded 42 g!) and the horn looks very promising!

Please enjoy the pictures! Growth curves and table will be posted soon!

The monster male in larva at 41 g of weight:

MPC 41 g monster.jpg


The monster male of 42 g max. larval weight in pupa (expected to be over 70 mm long):

MPC 42 g monster.jpg












The first hatched male of 63 mm (not that big, max. larval weight 33 g):

MPC 63 mm 33 g.jpg





The bigger ones:


Male of 70 mm (max. larval weight 40 g):

MPC 70 mm 3.jpg





MPC 70 mm 1.jpg


Another male (69 mm, max. larval weight 35 g):

MPC 69 mm 1.jpg

MPC 69 mm 2.jpg

A male of 68 mm (max. larval weight 37 g):

MPC 68 mm.jpg


Some more pictures of the males:

MPC 69 - 70 mm 1.jpg

MPC 69 - 70 mm 2.jpg

MPC 69 mm 4.jpg

MPC 69 mm 5.jpg

MPC 69 mm 6.jpg





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