More Mecynorhina torquata ugandensis hatchings - part 2 - Giants + update 05/04/2016

Dear all,

This year, I got pretty lucky with my Mecynorhina torquata ugandensis breeding. I added some more wood to the substrate each time and kept the temperature at a solid 19-21°C. This helped me obtain larger individuals than before (more leaf substrate and higher temperatures), although the larval cycle takes much longer then (around 1,5 to almost 2 years).

These are my first hatched males:

Male 1: full blue 74 mm

MTU blue 74 mm 1.jpg


















MTU blue 74 mm 2.jpg


















MTU blue 74 mm 4.jpg


















Male 2: red orange 67 mm

MTU red - orange 67 mm 1.jpg



MTU blue 74 mm 5.jpg




































The 2 males together (what a difference in colour for only 1 species! Always nice to see!):

MTU blue - red - orange 67-74 mm.jpg



















More hatchings:

Male 3: full blue 76 mm! My largest male so far this year:

Mtu 76 mm blue 1.jpg

Mtu 76 mm blue 2.jpg

Mtu 76 mm blue 3.jpg




















































Male 4: beautiful green with an orange/red glow (never seen it this strong) 74 mm:


 Mtu 74 mm green red orange glow 2.jpg

















Mtu 74 mm green red orange glow 3.jpg

Mtu 74 mm green red orange glow 4.jpg




































Mtu 74 mm green red orange glow 5.jpg





















Still more to come! Soon again an update!

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