Megasoma actaeon from Peru - F1 - Slumbering giants

Dear all,


It's been ages since I have posted here due to the lack of time these past months.

However, I will try to proceed again with my frequent posts, especially since the breeding is still going quite well.


Featured here is one of the heaviest/most massive/bulkiest beetle species in the world: Megasoma actaeon (more specifically, from the Amazonian rainforest from Peru.

I've had the chance to start breeding these around 2 years ago as very young L1 (F1-generation, the original female was wild caught) and both males and females have already reached remarkable weights.

The trick seems to be to give these a larger portion of leaf humus (I provide them with 60% humus and 40% wood) and well mixed with the wood during all larval stages. Next to that, I also kept the larvae together (even during L3: 2 large L3 larvae per 10 L box) until these reached a weight of over 130 g.

In the meanwhile, we're a little over 2 years now and these are the weights:

MAA Peru 132 g.jpg


MAA Peru 136 g.jpg



MAA Peru 143 g.jpg


MAA Peru 161 g.jpg


This is quite promising! I hope to get nice 110+ mm adult males, at least for the heavier ones of 143 g and 161 g.

To be continued...

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