Megasoma actaeon from Peru - F1 - Slumbering giants Part 2 - First pupae

Dear all,

Finally, some of my Megasoma actaeon from Peru have started constructing their pupal cells. It took almost 3 years to complete the larval cycle, both males and females (there is no difference!). Moreover, it is incredible to see (I've had the same happening to my previous M. actaeon breeding) that most of the larvae being bred separately still happen to pupate during the same period of time.

Please enjoy the following pictures:

A 115 g larva pupated already:

MA 115 g 1.jpg

136 g larva became a very nice pupa with large horns:

MA 136 g 1.jpg

MA 136 g 2.jpg

MA 136 g 3.jpg

MA 136 g 4.jpg

MA 136 g 5.jpg

MA 136 g 6.jpg

In the meanwhile, I've noticed that the heavier larvae have also started to build their pupal cells, including the 161 g heavy one.

More to come!

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